Not a Heart Attack- January 29

Last night was hard.

Had to bring Leo in because of a fever on Saturday. His blood level was low on red blood. So yesterday they gave him a lot.

They also had to monitor his heart.

I don’t know if his heart was in distress or if the monitor was faulty. When the EKG team got here and ran their test, he was fine. When the PICU put their monitor on him, not a peep. Absent those monitors, his heart was making the room monitors beep and boop and blarp.

At one point when I looked up at the monitor and it said his heart was beating 240 beats a minute, I asked him if he was having a heart attack. He kept sucking his thumb and watching his cartoon.

I think it was bad equipment. I still didn’t sleep.

Guys. This is hard.

We’re still going to win.

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