Netflix and Bye

Dear Netflix,

It has been a real ride.

Do you remember? Where it all began…


You had 24 on discs and we watched them, just as many as you could send us in the mail. And then low and behold, I opened up your browser one day and there were whole movies.

And just like that we were off to the races. It’s been more than a solid decade of being able to consume some great and some lukewarm but marketable artists whole catalog with a single case of the flu.
Dr. Who.Scrubs.House.Friends.The Office.Parks n Rec.Blue Bloods.
And more movies than I could ever swing an angry cat at.

But something changed somewhere.

You became sophisticated and grew into a producer of entertainment. You made some real turds, like all of those comedy specials. Wow. Some of them were just unwatchable.

Some of them were weird but enjoyable, i.e. Bright.

Some of them were just amazing. Daredevil. Cage. Stranger Things season 1.
And along the way you decided you wanted to be more than an entertainer. You decided to become a teacher to the masses about what it should do and believe. We watched 13 Reasons Why and no shower on the planet would be enough to wash the heaviness away. You funded unfunny comics with a politically expedient view of American politics.

You innovated with some of what you made.

You alienated with others.

Now, here at the conclusion of more than ten years of patronage, watching you go from a whisper to a byword to a phrase used for making babies, it’s time to say goodbye.

You have leveraged your sizable financial power against a state that has made a choice. Instead of vowing to be an employer that supplies the healthcare to women you so strongly believe in, including an airplane ticket to a state with less stringent policies, you have inflicted the threat of unemployment to people you have employed so that their politicians would fear you to hear you.

So now, I leverage my nearly unnoticeable monthly fee, not as a statement, but a choice. I, along with apparently a quarter million others for various reasons, have hit cancel on my membership.
I neither need nor desire your services.

Best of luck.

The Marts Home

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