Giants- Sept 19

This is our first official maintenance visit. Leo is upbeat. He said good morning to everyone. He didn’t fuss during the access of his port.

He is eating like crazy, to the point that we have had a really good preview of what 13 will look like for him.

His sleep at night is still troubled by nightmares. He sleeps on a makeshift bed next to our bed at night, as a compromise so that he doesn’t climb into bed with us. He’s kind of an active sleeper and neither Desiree nor I really appreciate the 2 AM heel kick to the spleen maneuver he does.

Walking into the hospital, he looked up at it and said, “it’s bigger than a giant!” We walked inside and he said, “Daddy, do you think David’s gonna throw rocks at it?”

Thanks Superbook reboot!

Leo walks into this place knowing it’s not fun and games, but he walks in with a smile because he is confident that he is not coming here to be destroyed. He sees the giant that this place is and that his challenges are. He also knows that there is no giant that can’t be defeated with the right rock in the right sling in the right hand.

He’s about to get sedated and then through the process of waking up and eating for the first time since last night. Then pharmacy for a lot of chemo drugs to take at home over the next weeks, then home.

Thank you for your prayers and for your messages.

Thank you for loading rocks in your slings. The giant doesn’t stand a chance.

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