Superdad- April 5

Today we left the house dressed as super heroes. Leo was Batman. Peter was Superman. I was SUUUUUUPERDAAAAAAD. By the time we had been on the road for five minutes, the applesauce squeeze pack (which I thought Désirée had granted, and vice versa) was on his mask, cape and butt.

How did he get applesauce on his butt while seated?

Because he’s four.

He’s four today.

And I was struggling hard with making the day special. I don’t know if you’ve ever celebrated a birthday by getting a needle jabbed into your thigh muscle and injecting poison or having a pint of blood introduces into your system with accompanying risks of allergic reaction to either. I can’t say it was ever on a chart of wishes I’ve ever had for my children.

So we joined in with the throngs of road warriors slouching eastward toward Waikiki. It was a long drive and we arrived late.

Batman left his mask and cape in the van.

Superman left his cape in the van.

SUUUUUPERDAAAAAAAD left his ego on H1.

And we took the elevator from the seventh floor to the path through The Valley of the Shadow.

And I had cupcakes.

We were first in and Leo was ushered in to be weighed measured and have his meds ordered.

We settled into our turf for the stay and then passed out cupcakes.

“Did you make these, Damien?”

“No,” I answered. “We actually like y’all.”

We watched the Ninjago movie. Funny. Funny. Funny. Shot in the leg. Then an hour wait to see if allergy. Then the blood came.

And then the hospital staff all gathered around and sang the sweetest happy birthday ever.

These people have taken him on like family. They genuinely love him. And they do it well. And sitting in our cramped squat in the hospital I thanked God that I had a son to wake up this morning and clean applesauce off of his butt. My son suffers because he lives. And his suffering is only momentary.

We drove back through easier traffic and I dropped the boys off then turned around to talk with middle school boys about living sacrifices.

I came home to taco, cake, and home.

My cape is a little tattered.

Leo’s cape is his smile.

Peter’s cape is his strong heart for his brothers and sister.

God’s victory is a banner flying over our home.

“By Your Spirit i will rise

from the ashes of defeat.

The resurrected King

is resurrecting me.” -elevation

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