Fermata- May 28

In music, there’s a symbol you come upon that has an interesting effect. It’s the fermata. It’s a dot with a half circle over top of it. It looks a little like a bird’s eye looking at you. When you take band or choir, it’s always explained, “When you see the eye, it means look at the director/conductor.” It’s a pause of undefined length.

Now is our fermata.

We stopped into the PAU for the last time this morning. The paperwork for Leo we were given last week actually said, “Last Blood Draw.” We were not given discharge paperwork today. We left that place.


We’re out.

Our doctor came for her last exam of Leo and lingered for a while. We have become friends. She and Desiree took some time to talk about a lot of stuff. Some of it has to do with medical things. Some of it was the substance of conversation between people who know each others’ lives really well.

The nurses and doctors were all wearing their Leo the Lion shirts by Blair Laney Waters.

We said goodbye to our church family this last week.

We say goodbye to people as we go throughout this week.

I was not expecting so personal an experience of farewell as we had with the hospital staff. It’s a testimony of how personally they take their work and how much of their hearts go into the effort.

We walked out of that place after being hugged and farewelled.

Leo walked with his head high.

We aren’t done. This symphony isn’t finished.

It’s just a fermata.

And we look up from the sheet music for a moment to see the Conductor. He will let us know when it’s time to set to the song again.

If you ever meet a nurse, doctor, orderly, admission staff, pencil pusher, or pencil sharpener from Kapiolani Hospital, please extend to them the warmest of greeting and spare no mercy. They have spared none for us.

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